Near or Random Acts, Charles Alexander

Near or Random Acts

Charles Alexander

Publisher: Singing Horse Press
PubDate: 3/1/2004
ISBN: 9780935162264
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 18
Pages: 92
SKU #: E14C

Poetry. "In these two interwoven meditations, Charles Alexander continuously redefines the position of near and random acts, be they political, cultural, or linguistic. Probing and insistent, always visually descriptive, these cycles dwell on difficulties and there is no hesitation that even if 'the bell's ring falls wide' they will 'turn never turn never stop,' their process open to, inclusive of, the many locales of language Alexander's poetry enters and becomes a part of."—Karen Mac Cormack

"How to un-stein Stein? How to take the world at its 'face'? How to proceed that 'the words are filled with true surprises.' Charles Alexander 'saves the precious cargo' again and again. NEAR OR RANDOM ACTS is an investigative blessing."—Anne Waldman

Author City: Tuscon, AZ USA

Charles Alexander's books include HOPEFUL BUILDINGS (Chax Press, 1990), ARC OF LIGHT/DARK MATTER (Roof Books, 1992), NEAR OR RANDOM ACTS (Singing Horse Press, 2004), CERTAIN SLANTS (Junction Press, 2007) and PUSHING WATER (Cuneiform Press, 2011), as well as nine chapbooks. He is the founder and director of Chax Press, in Tucson, Arizona, where he lives with the visual artist Cynthia Miller.  

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