The Fast, Hannah Weiner

The Fast

Hannah Weiner

Publisher: United Artists Books
PubDate: 7/1/1992
ISBN: 9780935992243
Price: $6.00
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Pages: 43
SKU #: E10E

Literary Nonfiction. This is the first of four early journals, written in 1970 (THE FAST); in 1971, (Country Girl); in 1972, (Pictures and Early Words); in 1973, (Big Words). These journals depict the development of the clairvoyance from feeling and seeing auras, to seeing pictures, and finally the slow development of seeing words which first appeared singly, then later in short phrases. The culmination of this seeing of words resulted in the Clairvoyant Journal, written in 1974, and published by Angel Hair Books, now known as United Artists Books, in 1978, and in many books that followed.

Author City: NEW YORK, NY USA

Hannah Weiner's influence extends from the sixties New York avant-garde, where she was part of an unprecedented confluence of poets, performance and visual artists including Phillip Glass, Andy Warhol, Carolee Schneeman, John Perrault, David Antin, and Bernadette Mayer. Like fellow-traveler Jackson Mac Low, she became an important part of the Language movement of the 70s and 80s, and her influence can be seen today in the so-called "New Narrative" work stemming from the San Francisco Bay Area.

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