Poetry's Poet: Essays on the Poetry, Pedagogy and Poetics of Allen Grossman, Daniel Morris, Editor

Poetry's Poet: Essays on the Poetry, Pedagogy and Poetics of Allen Grossman

Daniel Morris, Editor

Publisher: National Poetry Foundation
PubDate: 11/30/2004
ISBN: 9780943373669
Price: $19.95
Quantity Available: 35
Pages: 280
SKU #: H19B

Literary Nonfiction. Poetry History & Criticism. "At bottom, Allen Grossman is a deeply human author who writes that the 'desire for something might make it true.' His desire for poetry is a sign of a wish, formed during a traumatic childhood, for there to exist a safe realm of personal conservation that is not subject to human cruelty or to the crack in the condition of human life, our subjections to time's mutability"--Daniel Morris, from the Introduction. Includes essays by Mary Baine Campbell, Susan Stewart, Jamey Hecht, Stacy Pies, Mark Halliday, Norman Finkelstein, Roger Gilbert, David Mikics, Maeera Y. Shreiber, Stephen Paul Miller, Ha Jin, and Matthew Kelley.


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