About Now: Collected Poems, Joanne Kyger

About Now: Collected Poems

Joanne Kyger

Publisher: National Poetry Foundation
PubDate: 7/1/2007
ISBN: 9780943373713
Price: $34.95
Quantity Available: 24
Pages: 800
SKU #: F17B

Poetry. For decades, Joanne Kyger has played a crucial role in California's poetry scene. Her poetry has been influenced by her studies in Zen Buddhism and her connection to the poets of Black Mountain, the San Francisco Renaissance, and the Beat Generation. Ron Silliman describes Kyger's poetry as a point of convergence for all "post-avant" literary tendencies the later half of the 20th Century: "You can hear her influence everywhere, from Naropa, to the later generations of the New York School, to Language poetry. Get a fix on Joanne Kyger and a half century of American poetry suddenly comes clearly into focus." This latest collection may serve as the definitive one, highlighting an excellent sampling of her work.

Author City: San Francisco, CA USA

A native California writer, Joanne Kyger is the author of more than 20 books of poetry. She is known for her ties to the poets of Black Mountain College, the San Francisco Renaissance, and the Beat Generation. Her most recent books are ABOUT NOW: COLLECTED POEMS (National Poetry Foundation, 2007) and NOT VERACRUZ (Libellum Press, 2007). She taught for many years at Naropa University's poetics program, and The New College of San Francisco. She lives on the coast north of San Francisco.

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