Incognita , Colleen Lookingbill


Colleen Lookingbill

Publisher: SINK Press
PubDate: 12/28/1992
ISBN: 9780962380624
Price: $8.00
Quantity Available: 17
SKU #: N07B

Poetry. "INCOGNITA and the other poems in this book confirm my impression of Colleen Lookingbill as one of the best new writers around. What she says in reference to her title is, I think, worth repeating. "Epic tendencies and a certain poetic freedom justify sacrifice of the self. God does not answer either perhaps because she wishes to maintain her incognita.' She has disappeared from her book with the abnegation of Isabel Archer or Fanny Howe, so that only the numinous remains. Whoever and wherever she is, I admire her composure and her doubt"—Kevin Killian. "With fiction falling all around, elastic statement tracks observation into passage, accretes this eager and reticent struggle with meaning. 'Memory remorse,' 'reckless daring,' Paracelsus, Antigone, and 'the sexual question' are some of the protagonists in this mystery play. Axes of emotion, psyche and history are established as INCOGNITA orchestrates sets of the postmodern sublime. 'What would have have done?'"—Norma Cole.


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