CLOSER TO DAY, Mary A. Koncel


Mary A. Koncel

Publisher: Quale Press
PubDate: 1/1/1999
ISBN: 9780965616157
Price: $4.00
Quantity Available: 10
Pages: 26
SKU #: M10F

Short Fiction. These 22 texts are poetic in their artful use of the sentence and prose-like in their form, paragraphs which communicate even when their worlds cease to make sense, bring us closer not just to day, but to a variety of different experiences. Located in small-town or rural life, strangely simple yet strangely disturbing in their almost anecdotal descriptions, these stories do not let us off the hook--whatever the hook may be. Everyone wants a piece of the sun. But still we undo our sleeves, open or close each day like a fist, let light drop between yellow poplars and thin laced curtains, watch light split one fierce day into another. We all agree. It has to be this way (from The Sun Workers). Saddlestapled chapbook.

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