Who's Who Vivid, Matt Hart

Who's Who Vivid

Matt Hart

Publisher: Slope Editions
PubDate: 1/20/2006
ISBN: 9780971821996
Binding: Paperback
Price: $14.95
Pages: 88
SKU #: D14F

Poetry. LAST COPIES! Matt Hart brings the so-called "New Sincerity" to the forefront of American poetry with his stunningly kinetic debut collection, WHO'S WHO VIVID. Stripped of the pretense of much of the writing of his younger peers, Hart's is a heartfelt and life-affirming poetry that alternately celebrates and berates human existence. Tired of post-irony and posturing? Matt Hart is for you. "When Caesar said about horses that if the gods hadn't invented them, we would have to, he could have been talking about Matt Hart whose poems are of such immediate, radiant presence, they seem as true and necessary as air. In vital self-sabotages and improvisational self-renewals, the buzz of the mosh-pit pokes us through the sky. The book you now hold inyour hands is luxurious with nerve, speed and crash, the work of an explorative explosiveness that is constantly whacked by the world as it is. Welcome to a new realism hatching from the old. Welcome to the human heart. Welcome to the launch site"—Dean Young.


Matt Hart is the author of three books of poetry—WHO'S WHO VIVID (Slope Editions, 2006), Wolf Face (H_NGM_N BKS, 2010), and LIGHT-HEADED (BlazeVOX [books], 2011)—as well as several chapbooks, including collaborations with both Dobby Gibson and Nate Pritts. A co-founder and the editor- in-chief of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking & Light Industrial Safety, he lives in Cincinnati where he teaches at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. 

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