Edge and Fold, Paul Hoover

Edge and Fold

Paul Hoover

Publisher: Apogee Press
PubDate: 8/1/2006
ISBN: 9780974468723
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 9
Pages: 80
SKU #: H17A

Poetry. "EDGE AND FOLD comes in short couplets that have the pith of aphorisms, but dismantle any expectation of closure. They push thinking over the edge into the folds of all minds. In this amazing plural space (tenuously tethered to the white of the page) subtle discriminating intelligences unfold lyric intensity into question, wonder, mystery. EDGE AND FOLD confirms Paul Hoover as one of our important poets"--Rosmarie Waldrop.


Paul Hoover is the author of eleven books of poetry. He is the editor of the anthology Postmodern American Poetry (W. W. Norton, 1994) and, with Maxine Chernoff, the annual literary magazine NEW AMERICAN WRITING. His collection of literary essays, Fables of Representation, was published in the Poets on Poetry series of University of Michigan Press in 2004. He teaches at San Francisco State University.

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