Magenta's Adventures Underground: A Fable for the Police State, Carol Lewis

Magenta's Adventures Underground: A Fable for the Police State

Carol Lewis

Publisher: Words Like Kudzu Press
PubDate: 4/1/2005
ISBN: 9780975386200
Price: $6.95
Quantity Available: 17
Pages: 88
SKU #: N12A

Fiction. A tale of post-9/11 New York: A costumed maid (Magenta) comes upon a feral menagerie playing an ominous game ofchess in a subway station; she keeps going deeper into the city from there. In her travels, Magenta meets evidence of wars and destruction that predate 2001—a rat speaks of the horrors of urban displacement, an Iraqi pigeon begs on the A train for American mercy, a group of Vietnam Vets welcome her into their serene underground grotto. All the while, this macabre fable dares to imagine beyond conflicts and wonder about possibilities of compassion that the future could have in store.

"If Alice wore a Rocky Horror costume and fell down a New York City man hole instead of a rabbit hole, you'd have MAGENTA'S ADVENTURES.... A fable both contemporary and revelatory."—Arthur Nersesian

"If the city has ever thrashed your heart and hammered your sanity, read this"—Gary Indiana

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