Mimeo Mimeo 4, Jed Birmingham and Kyle Schlesinger, Editors

Mimeo Mimeo 4

Jed Birmingham and Kyle Schlesinger, Editors

Publisher: Mimeo Mimeo/Cuneiform
PubDate: 2/1/2011
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Pages: 90
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Magazine. Poetry. Artists' Books and the Mimeograph Revolution. MIMEO MIMEO 4 focuses on the poets, artists, printers, and publications of the British Poetry Revival, a particularly rich period of activity that ran roughly parallel to the New American Poetry of the post-WWII era. On both sides of the Atlantic, the dominant modes of poetics, publishing, and media were being thought anew. Featuring: wide-ranging interviews with Tom Raworth, David Meltzer, and Trevor Winkfield; insightful essays by Richard Price, Ken Edwards, and Alan Halsey; a selection of letters from Eric Mottram to Jeff Nuttall providing a British perspective on the Lower East Side Scene; and a long out-of-print statement by Asa Benveniste, poet and publisher of London's infamous Trigram Press.


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