Last Words, Guy Bennett

Last Words

Guy Bennett

Publisher: Sun & Moon Press
PubDate: 2/1/1998
ISBN: 9781557133366
Price: $9.95
Quantity Available: 4
Pages: 88
SKU #: I13D

Poetry. LAST WORDS, the first book of poems by poet/translator Guy Bennett, is a collection of brief, densely metaphorical lyrics characterized by a tension of form, syntax, and meaning. Using a collage technique described by Cage as "writing through" other writers (in this case, poets ranging from Stein to Guest, from Lorca to Mac Low), Guy Bennett fuses together a variety of poetic timbres and stylistic registers into a single lyric voice. The result is a suite of humorous, often enigmatic peoms whose potential meanings lie somewhere in the linguistic, yet inevitably human space that separates the reader from the work.


Guy Bennett is the author of several works of poetry, non-poetry, and numerous translations. His writing has been featured in magazines and anthologies in the United States and abroad, and presented in poetry and arts festivals internationally. Publisher of Mindmade Books (formerly Seeing Eye Books) and co-editor of Otis Books | Seismicity Editions, he lives in Los Angeles and teaches at Otis College of Art and Design.

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