The Devotion Field, Claudia Keelan

The Devotion Field

Claudia Keelan

Publisher: Alice James Books
PubDate: 9/1/2004
ISBN: 9781882295463
Price: $13.95
Quantity Available: 17
Pages: 80

Poetry. The experimental and L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E influence is clear, yet THE DEVOTION FIELD offers, in a number of urban elegies, more narrative and personal (though still political) detail than has been Keelan's habit. Full of cultural and social critique, the poems concern themselves with the artifice of language, the art of being and the art of art, the fragmentation and continuous flux of contemporary life. She employs trademark techniques: stream-of-consciousness, free association and associative leaps, in addition to a new emphasis on melody and musical phrasing.

Author City: LAS VEGAS, NV USA

Claudia Keelan is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently MISSING HER (New Issues Press, 2009), and has published poems widely in magazines and journals, including The American Poetry Review, Smartish Pace, Electronic Poetry Review, Conduit, Pequod, American Letters & Commentary, and Jacket magazine. She has published poems and essays in anthologies including The Grand Permission: New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood, (Wesleyan University Press, 2003) and American Hybrid: A Norton Anthology of New Poetry (W.W. Norton, 2009). She directs the MFA program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and serves as the editor of Interim, the university's annual literary review. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, the poet Donald Revell, and their children.

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