Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry, John High

Crossing Centuries: The New Generation in Russian Poetry

John High

Publisher: Talisman House, Publishers
PubDate: 9/1/2000
ISBN: 9781883689896
Price: $24.95
Quantity Available: 22
Pages: 509
SKU #: C02B

Poetry. Edited by John High and Vitaly Chernetsky, Thomas Epstein, Lyn Hejinian, Patrick Henry, Gerald Janecek, and Laura Weeks, this anthology traces the course of Russian poetry at perhaps its most crucial moment since the early nineteenth century. CROSSING CENTURIES focuses on transformations in Russian poetry in the last fifty years, with particular attention to the Brezhnev and Gorbachev years and the profound changes in language and values that followed the collapse of the Soviet regime. Translations are by some of the foremost Russian-English translators and distinguished poets of our time; most were prepared especially for this volume. Featuring Nina Iskrenko, Ivan Zhdanov, Arkady Dragomoschenko, Alexei Parshchikov, Mark Shatunovsky, and many others.


John High ranks among the most accomplished and respected poets, translators, and editors of his generation. Founding editor of Five Fingers Review and author of THE LIVES OF THOMAS, The Sasha Poems, THE DESIRE NOTEBOOKS, BLOODLINE: SELECTED WRITINGS, HERE, and A BOOK OF UNKNOWNING, among others, he is one of his generation's foremost translators of contemporary Russian poetry. The principal editor of CROSSING CENTURIES: THE NEW GENERATION IN RUSSIAN POETRY, he is known for his translations of Nina Iskrenko, Ivan Zhdanov, and Alexei Parschikov, among others. A former Fulbright professor at Moscow State Linguistics University, he currently teaches at Long Island University.  

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