Sonnets of a Penny-a-liner, Mark Wallace and Lawley Paisley-Jones

Sonnets of a Penny-a-liner

Mark Wallace and Lawley Paisley-Jones

Publisher: Buck Downs Books
PubDate: 4/1/1996
ISBN: 9781886353053
Price: $9.00
Quantity Available: 15
Pages: 86

Poetry. Photography. Poems by Mark Wallace and prints by Lawley Paisley-Jones. "Mark Wallace's wonderfully sharp, self reflexive, and darkly humorous sonnets are wisdom teeth stolen from the golden mouths of metaphysical hucksters, penny-a-line journalists, late 20th century loners, liars, and poetic hit-men"—Charles Borkhuis. Mark Wallace creates a poetics of paradoxes. The reader is stunned by the sheer intelligence of it, yet there is warmth and an almost frightening vulnerability. Mark Wallace is a visionary who refuses to deny what he sees. His poems are sensitive and important"—Susan Smith Nash.

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