Pamela: A Novel, Pamela Lu

Pamela: A Novel

Pamela Lu

Publisher: Atelos
PubDate: 4/1/1998
ISBN: 9781891190049
Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: 38
Pages: 98
SKU #: M10F

Fiction. "While the new sentence—the prose wing of Language writing—strips narrative down to pointed sets of shifting referents, Lu, in her debut, knowingly resuscitates it, creating a precise and humorous elegy to the self, and to its self-subversions. This quasi-bildungsroman charts the emergence of an 'I' (not 'P' and not 'Pamela,' though the three characters do appear together) into a 20-something Bay Area, with memories of a suburban childhood close on her heels.... This is a book of extraordinary philosophical subtlety and clarity, one that manages to tell a beautiful story in spite of itself."—Publishers Weekly

Author City: San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA

Pamela Lu is the author of the books AMBIENT PARKING LOT (Kenning Editions, 2011) and PAMELA: A NOVEL (Atelos, 1999), as well as the chapbook The Private Listener (Corollary Press, 2006). Her writing also appears in the anthologies BAY POETICS and BITING THE ERROR, and has been published in periodicals such as 1913, Antennae, Call, CHAIN, Chicago Review, Fascicle, Harper's, Mirage, Poetics Journal, and TINFISH. She grew up in Southern California, and now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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