NEGATIVITY, Jocelyn Saidenberg


Jocelyn Saidenberg

Publisher: Atelos
PubDate: 1/1/2006
ISBN: 9781891190254
Price: $13.50
Quantity Available: 64
Pages: 117
SKU #: M10D

Poetry. Jocelyn Saidenberg's third book of poetry begins in a "dusky" wood, but instead of descending to hell she journeys through the negativity of earthly relations. We hear of friends, lovers, and a declining country--all filtered by a consciousness equally troubled by its own suffering and the suffering of others. Saidenberg has written some of the most accomplished, grounded and reflective poetry of the last decade. She is previously the author of CUSP (2001) and MORTAL CITY (1998), both available from SPD, and the founder and publisher of Krupskaya Press.


Jocelyn Saidenberg's books include DEAD LETTER (Roof Books, 2014), NEGATIVITY (Atelos, 2006), Mortal City, CUSP (Kelsey Street Press, 2001), and Shipwreck. Born in New York City, she has lived and worked in San Francisco since 1994.

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