Hermine: An Animal Life, Maria Beig

Hermine: An Animal Life

Maria Beig

Publisher: New Issues Poetry & Prose
PubDate: 1/1/2005
ISBN: 9781930974487
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Pages: 186
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Fiction. Translated from the German by Jaimy Gordon. "Marie Beig's HERMINE is a heartbreaking bestiary, a human life told in sixty-four animals. The book's design is apt, since its protagonist elicits less regard from her farm family than its animals do. Imagine a world in which your first memories are of your 'father's bad-tempered scowl and the angry faces of sisters and brothers who were struck and struck back.'... Maria Beig is the preeminent tour guide to the stunningly stark emotional and spiritual deprivations that afflicted German farm folk in the early twentieth century"---Jim Shepard. "How Angela Carter would have loved this chimaera--a bestiary and memory book in which creatures take on malefic and revelatory powers. Imagine Bruegel's rural scenes etched into the blackest of glass and held up to the moon. As our world empties of animals, this extraordinary book raises the question: how can our imagination survive their loss?"--Rikki Ducornet.

Author City: Immenstaad GER

Maria Beig was born in rural Upper Swabia, in the south of Germany, in 1920. Author of eight novels and four short story collections, she won the Alemannischer Literaturpreis in 1983, the Literaturpreis of the City of Stuttgart in 1997, and the Hebbel-Preis in 2004.  

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