Kenning 13 -The Send-off Issue, Patrick F Durgin, Editor

Kenning 13 -The Send-off Issue

Patrick F Durgin, Editor

Publisher: Kenning Editions
PubDate: 11/1/2002
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Pages: 82

LAST COPY! Magazine. Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. A colorful last "newsletter" issue, KENNING 13 includes new poetry, cultural writing, and a special column on "critical paranoia" involving three generations of poets and critics. Contributors include Robert Creeley, Andrew Levy, Elizabeth Treadwell, Eugene Ostashevsky, Kaia Sand, Jesse Seldess, Elizabeth Robinson, Dolores Dorantes (translated by Jen Hofer), Brian Kim Stefans, Susan Schultz, Nathaniel Tarn, Kit Robinson, Terrence Chiusano and David Larsen. Also featured are reviews of Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, Truong Tran, Gregg Biglieri and a special insert by Zukofsky scholar Thom Donovan.

New Arrivals

The Medicine is Sacred
Henry Niese

Aisha Sasha John

Emanuel di Pasquale

The Tulip-Flame
Chloe Honum

The Chronicle of Stolen Dreams
Terry Tarnoff

4 Rms w Vu
Susana H Case