Neo-Surrealism: Or, the Sun at Night: Transformations of Surrealism in American Poetry, Andrew Joron

Neo-Surrealism: Or, the Sun at Night: Transformations of Surrealism in American Poetry

Andrew Joron

Publisher: Kolourmeim Press
PubDate: 3/1/2010
ISBN: 9780615323693
Price: $12.00
Quantity Available: 2
Pages: 65
SKU #: H20A

Poetry. Literary Criticism. Revised Edition. A new, perfect-bound edition of Andrew Joron's unprecedented work on the development of surrealist tendencies in American poetry between 1966-1999. This revised edition contains a new afterword of the last decade (1999-2009), bringing the book up to the contemporary moment. Beginning with the seminal poems of Philip Lamantia, Joron's essay runs through the major surrealist-influenced poetry in the U.S., including View, the New York School, Deep Image, Chicago Surrealists, Caliban, Kayak, Language Poetry, and much more. Among its highlights are considerations of such poets as Will Alexander, Jayne Cortez, Rikki Ducornet, Barbara Guest, Bob Kaufman, Sotere Torregian, and John Yau. THE SUN AT NIGHT is a definitive book for anyone interested in surrealism's impact on American poetry.


A graduate of UC Berkeley, where he majored in Philosophy of Science, Andrew Joron is the author of five previous collections of poetry—Force Fields (1987), SCIENCE FICTION (1992), The Removes (1999), FATHOM (2003), and THE SOUND MIRROR (2008)—and THE CRY AT ZERO: Selected Prose (2007). His translations from the German include Literary Essays of Ernst Bloch (1998) and Richard Anders's The Footsteps of One Who Has Not Stepped Forth (1999). In 2004 he published NEO-SURREALISM: OR, THE SUN AT NIGHT: TRANSFORMATIONS OF SURREALISM IN AMERICAN POETRY 1966-1999. He plays Theramin in the improvisational trio Free Rein. His TRANCE ARCHIVE: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS was published by City Lights in 2010. 

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