With Everything We've Got: A Personal Anthology of Yiddish Poetry, Richard J Fein, Editor

With Everything We've Got: A Personal Anthology of Yiddish Poetry

Richard J Fein, Editor

Publisher: Host Publications
PubDate: 5/15/2009
ISBN: 9780924047640
Price: $17.50
Quantity Available: 45
Pages: 218
SKU #: K09F

Poetry. Jewish Studies. Edited and translated by Richard J. Fein. In WITH EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT, Richard J. Fein introduces English-speaking audiences to some of the most poignant and passionate voices of the twentieth century. This outstanding collection features the work of fifteen acclaimed Yiddish poets, and includes the translator's own poetic responses to their verse, and to the act of translation itself. With extensive biographies of the poets, an incisive introduction to the cultural background of their work, and a bilingual English/Yiddish format, WITH EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT is a wholly enjoyable and diverse anthology of Yiddish poetry. Including poetry from: B. Alkvit-Blum, Jacob Glatstein, Uri Zvi Greenberg, Moyshe-Lyeb Halpern, Izi Kharik, Moyshe Kulbak, H. Leivick, Mani Leyb, Itzik Manger, Anna Margolin, Perets Markish, Itshe Slutski, Abo Stolzenberg, Abraham Sutzkever, and Aaron Zeitlin.


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