Conflict, Norman Fischer


Norman Fischer

Publisher: Chax Press
PubDate: 1/31/2012
ISBN: 9780925904720
Price: $17.00
Quantity Available: 60
Pages: 84
SKU #: A12B

Poetry. "The conflict Norman Fischer speaks of in this poem is an inherent component of the universe. He writes of the human dilemma, the struggles of daily life, and the desire to 'hold the world in place,' showing us how not to be mired in any one spot. Freedom is won by tirelessly moving forward. The lines breathe: the poet's breath, and the complexity of his thought, visualized on the page."—Anne Tardos

Author City: KANEOHE, HI USA

A Zen Buddhist priest, abbot, and teacher, and author of many collections of poetry, Norman Fischer received his MFA from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. His recent books include ESCAPE THIS CRAZY LIFE OF TEARS: JAPAN, JULY 2010 (Tinfish Press, 2014), THE STRUGGLERS (Singing Horse Press, 2013), CONFLICT (Chax Press, 2012), and QUESTIONS/PLACES/VOICES/SEASONS (Singing Horse Press, 2009). He has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area writing community since the 1970's, loosely associated with the Language Movement. His latest prose work is Training in Compassion. Forthcoming from University of Alabama Press is his Experience: Essays on Thinking, Writing, Language and Religion.

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