River by the Glass, Monika Rose

River by the Glass

Monika Rose

Publisher: GlenHill Publications
PubDate: 5/1/2011
ISBN: 9780962309434
Price: $21.95
Quantity Available: 28
Pages: 212
SKU #: G01E

Poetry. RIVER BY THE GLASS is a collection of poems spanning two decades. The poems contain a whimsical wit and metaphysical humor—poems such as "Carp" or "Eye"—and such poems as "A Poet" or "Yellow the Dead Canary." With biting humor and haunting verse, found in "Chester and the Bluebird" and "On the Fence," the poems reflect visual puzzles and conundrums of life, thus the viewing of the RIVER BY THE GLASS through lenses, windows, screens, mirrors, and drinking vessels.

"The poems in RIVER BY THE GLASS are rich with the details of the earth moving moment by moment from death to life, from life to death. Monika Rose understands the union of these transformations and records them with the energy, contemplation, and originality of finely composed poetry. Like glass, her poetry offers both a reflection of the physical world and a window into our human experiences of its shifting beauty and mystery."—Pattiann Rogers


Monika Rose, from the Mountain Ranch area of Calaveras County, edits Manzanita: Poerty and Prose of the Mother Lode and Sierra, and she is founding editor of the non-profit literary press, Manzanita Writers Press, an affiliate of the Calaveras County Arts Council based in San Andreas. Her new book, RIVER BY THE GLASS, is a collection of 85 poems published by GlenHill Publications.

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