g-point almanac: id est (9.22-12.21), Kevin Varrone

g-point almanac: id est (9.22-12.21)

Kevin Varrone

Publisher: Instance Press
PubDate: 10/1/2007
ISBN: 9780967985466
Price: $14.00
Quantity Available: 1
Pages: 96
SKU #: N09A

Poetry. "So much in G-POINT ALMANAC: ID EST (9.22-12.21) is ventured; so much here is profound. Kevin Varrone meets, dares, slips past what is assumed to be reality; language, volant, 'fails, too,' leaving us with 'what's beyond the said thing.' His poetry shivers with hairline fractures, the same as the cities he describes, with familiarities folded into oddnesses. Over and over, he moves us to spaces where we find ourselves surprised that we are so moved. 'How to put it all in,' he asks, 'the hollow earth, three cities, one sheet of paper?' But he does."—Marcella Durand


Kevin Varrone is the author of G-POINT ALMANAC: PASSYUNK LOST (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), G-POINT ALMANAC: ID EST (9.22-12.21) (Instance Press, 2007), and g-point Almanac (7.21-9.21) (Ixnay Press, 2000). His poems have also appeared in numerous print journals and online, including 6x6, Big Bridge, Cross Connect, the ixnay reader, volume 2, American Poetry Review: The Philly Edition, and Duration Press's ebook series. With poet Pattie McCarthy, he edited and co-founded Beautiful Swimmer Press. He currently lives in Philadelphia, where he teaches literature and writing at Temple University.

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