Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems, 1978-2006, Tom Beckett

Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems, 1978-2006

Tom Beckett

Publisher: Meritage Press
PubDate: 8/30/2006
ISBN: 9780970917959
Price: $22.95
Quantity Available: 14
Pages: 180
SKU #: I05E

Poetry. Well known for editing The Difficulties (1980-1990), a now legendary critical journal, Tom Beckett releases UNPROTECTED TEXTS, his first and much anticipated full-length book. Here, zombies and Wittgenstein bracket a series of autonomous zones populated by the Book, Harry Partch, 100 Questions, shadows, holograms, the Subject, the author himself, and numerous pronouns. These UNPROTECTED TEXTS flood the tones of speech wrenched from the bent notes of a life lived looking for a connection to "the conversation" which takes place amongst musics of meaning. Sex and text are synonymous here: "Is this speech balloon a rubber?" Ron Silliman says, "For three decades now, Tom Beckett has been writing the most hard-headed, clear-eyed, unsentimental poetry in America. He has the rigor of a master & the mind of a first-rate detective." Sheila Murphy adds, "That this book is overdue, results in a level of concentration that intensifies the experience of reading."

Author City: KENT, OH USA

Tom Beckett is internationally known for his work as an editor, publisher, poet and interviewer. In the 1980s, his journal The Difficulties was instrumental in the promotion of Language Poetry. UNPROTECTED TEXTS: SELECTED POEMS, 1978-2006, was published by Meritage Press in 2006. More recently Otoliths published three volumes of E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S interviews curated by Beckett, and a collection of 4 long poems called Parts and Other Pieces, and DIPSTICK(DIPTYCH) was brought out by Marsh Hawk Press in 2014. 

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