Handiwork, Amaranth Borsuk


Amaranth Borsuk

Publisher: Slope Editions
PubDate: 3/2/2012
ISBN: 9780977769872
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 31
Pages: 78
SKU #: I14F

Poetry. HANDIWORK is in itself a work of craftsmanship, piecing together fragments while at the same time producing anew. Borsuk summons the tradition of Hebrew gematria to investigate and engage with language's slipperiness, and, as she explains, to provide "a sense of hope within constraint: the fruitful possibility of language." It also wrestles with and probes into "where family history becomes personal mythology, and where gaps open up that ask to be filled." The reader explores, in HANDIWORK, both the creative and destructive urges imminent in expression, as "what wounds is easily unwound."

Author City: SEATTLE, WA USA

Amaranth Borsuk's most recent books are POMEGRANATE EATER (Kore Press, 2016), and AS WE KNOW (Subito Press, 2014), a collaboration with Andy Fitch. She is the author of HANDIWORK (Slope Editions, 2012), and, with Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen. ABRA, a collaboration with Kate Durbin forthcoming from 1913 Press, recently received an NEA-sponsored Expanded Artists' Books grant from the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago and will be issued as an artist's book with an iPad app created by Ian Hatcher this year. Amaranth is an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, Bothell, where she also teaches in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics. 

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