Butterfly Tears, Zoe S Roy

Butterfly Tears

Zoe S Roy

Publisher: Inanna Publications
PubDate: 11/1/2009
ISBN: 9780978223373
Price: $22.95
Quantity Available: 7
Pages: 177
SKU #: N07E

Fiction. Asian Studies. BUTTERFLY TEARS is a collection of seventeen pieces of short fiction that depict the experiences of Chinese immigrant women facing the challenges of life in a new country. The stories are set in different parts of China, Canada, and to a lesser extent in the United States and examine Chinese women's cross-cultural experiences in North America as well as women's issues and political discrimination in China. The stories, or parts of stories, set in China give the reader interesting glimpses into events such as the cultural revolution and Mao's death.The immigrant experience, the predominant theme, encompasses a number of aspects ranging from issues such as language and food to education. Feminism and changing male/female relationships form another important theme that also runs through many of the stories.

Author City: Toronto, ON CAN

Born in China, Zöe S. Roy was an eyewitness to the red terror under Mao's regime. Her short fiction has appeared in Canadian Stories and Thought Magazine. She holds an M.Ed. in Adult Education and an M.A. in Atlantic Canada Studies from the University of New Brunswick and Saint Mary's University. She currently lives in Toronto where she works as an adult educator. BUTTERFLY TEARS, a collection of short stories, is her first published book. THE LONG MARCH HOME is her first novel.

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