The Second Elizabeth, Karen Lillis

The Second Elizabeth

Karen Lillis

Publisher: Six Gallery Press
PubDate: 4/9/2009
ISBN: 9780978296216
Binding: Paperback
Price: $18.00
Quantity Available: 19
Pages: 192
SKU #: C07E

Fiction. The story begins when Elizabeth encounters Beth, her new neighbor and coworker, whose resilience and originality awaken a memory of a younger self. THE SECOND ELIZABETH is a densely poetic meditation on love and language, Virginia and virginity, loss and longing, trauma and recovery. In lush, obsessive text the novel reveals the bonds of female experience, the politics of naming, and the sensuality of nature. As in her novel i, scorpian (2000) Lillis uses the device of a double to great effect, to describe the nuances and contradictions of a woman's experience.

"Karen E. Lillis writes with a cadence and a rhythm that are hypnotic.... [THE SECOND ELIZABETH] celebrates what my theologian father called 'the mystery in the ordinary.'"—Eckhard Gerdes, Journal of Experimental Fiction


Karen Lillis was born in Washington, D.C., during the Vietnam War and has lived in Virginia, Texas, New York, Paris, and Pittsburgh. Her books of fiction include WATCH THE DOORS AS THEY CLOSE (Spuyten Duyvil, 2012), THE SECOND ELIZABETH (Six Gallery Press, 2009), Magenta's Adventures Underground (Words Like Kudzu Press, 2004), and i, scorpion: foul belly-crawler of the desert (Words Like Kudzu Press, 2000). She is currently finishing her first book of nonfiction, Bagging the Beats at Midnight: Confessions of a New York Bookstore Clerk