Hecate Lochia, Hoa Nguyen

Hecate Lochia

Hoa Nguyen

Publisher: Hot Whiskey Press
PubDate: 3/25/2009
ISBN: 9780978693312
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 9
Pages: 112
SKU #: G09B

Poetry. Asian American Studies. In Hoa's Nguyen's HECATE LOCHIA tutelary spirits and local elements find their articulation in the found object-poems of a ritualized domesticity. These poems track with immediacy the various roles and pressures—of motherhood, marriage, keeping house, work and writing—that become the occasions in which to celebrate the phenomenal world.

Author City: TORONTO, ON CAN

Born in the Mekong Delta and raised in the DC area, Hoa Nguyen studied Poetics at New College of California in San Francisco where she earned an MFA. She is the author of RED JUICE: POEMS 1998-2008 (Wave Bokos, 2014), AS LONG AS TREES LAST (Wave Books, 2012), HECATE LOCHIA (Hot Whiskey Press, 2009) and Your Ancient See Through (Subpress, 2002). Her poetry has been collected in eight anthologies including DAYS I MOVED THROUGH ORDINARY SOUNDS: THE TEACHERS OF WRITERSCORPS IN POETRY AND PROSE (City Lights Publishers, 2009), THE BEST OF FENCE (Fence Books, 2009), FOR THE TIME BEING: A BOOTSTRAP ANTHOLOGY (Bootstrap Press, 2008), Black Dog, Black Night: Contemporary Vietnamese Poetry (Milkweed Editions, 2008), and NOT FOR MOTHERS ONLY (Fence Books, 2007). With the poet Dale Smith, Nguyen founded Skanky Possum, a small press journal of poetry and poetics. From Austin, TX, their home of fourteen years, the poets published contemporaries such as Amiri Baraka, Alice Notley, Linh Dinh, Kenward Elmslie, and Eileen Myles. Nguyen currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, where she curates a reading series and teaches poetics privately and at Ryerson University.

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