Ara Shirinyan

Publisher: Palm Press
PubDate: 1/1/2007
ISBN: 9780978926205
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 4
Pages: 104
SKU #: D15F

Poetry. "At globalizing his art, Ara Shirinyan beats Walt Disney hands down. In this dazzling debut, Shirinyan takes post-conceptual poetics to new borders beyond the scope of US pop culture and media, and into the purloined hills and desserts of any language as English, as fodder for reframing: 'vulgar ideas, cultural purity, nation, etc.' This is a terrain where 'striktly confidentially' gulags share the global stage with a long list of Soviet poet blurbs. In the end, Shirinyan reminds us: "You have an interest in history. You cannot miss Syria. Syria has monuments.' Indeed, Syria is in the World, and so is Ara Shirinyan...welcome aboard!"--Rob Fitterman.

Author City: Los Angeles, CA USA

Ara Shirinyan was born in 1977 in, what was then, the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia. Since 1987, he has lived in Los Angeles, where he writes, teaches, and is editor of Make Now Press. His first book, SYRIA IS IN THE WORLD, was published by Palm Press in June 2007. With the group Godzik Pink, he released two CDs (Es Em, Ekele Em and Black Broccoli) on Kill Rock Stars/5rc. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Word Ways, UbuWeb, Greetings, Trepan, Combo, Area Sneaks, Tuli & Savu, among others.

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