Make Loneliness, J Reuben Appelman

Make Loneliness

J Reuben Appelman

Publisher: Otis Books | Seismicity Editions
PubDate: 2/1/2008
ISBN: 9780979617706
Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: 16
Pages: 84
SKU #: E15E

Poetry. From the Graduate Writing Program at Otis College of Art and Design comes MAKE LONELINESS, a collection of new poetry by poet and screenwriter J. Reuben Appelman. Poems siphoned through a Wasteland lens juxtaposing violence, politically driven sex in public, the unrequited urge toward proper parenting, and an often abysmal undertow of post-televised American pop complexity: "On Judge Joe Brown today, there was a man who wanted his bamboo steamer back. He was considered the plaintiff, and his girlfriend was counter-suing for lack of affection in the amount of $6,000. Once I dyed my hair to match my computer. Is this the same? Somebody threw a key party and everyone went home with a tumor and a vehicle. My favorite time of year became those weeks when my roots were growing in. I was always happy, and on the verge of something awful. This after I drew her face on an orange, and cut it in half. My father as X under pending. He told me, Go into the universe and make loneliness, Son, make more loneliness."

Author City: BOISE, ID USA

J. Reuben Appleman is a poet, novelist, and screenwriter who has worked on numerous projects for film and television including Playground, executive produced by George Clooney, and the children's adventure film The Five. Appleman is a multiple grant recipient from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and teaches at Boise State University.  

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