Signs/ & Signals: the Daybooks of Robert Crosson, Robert Crosson

Signs/ & Signals: the Daybooks of Robert Crosson

Robert Crosson

Publisher: Otis Books | Seismicity Editions
PubDate: 8/15/2008
ISBN: 9780979617737
Price: $14.95
Quantity Available: 11
Pages: 245
SKU #: E15D

Poetry. Edited by Guy Bennett and Paul Vangelisti. SIGNS/ & SIGNALS: THE DAYBOOKS OF ROBERT CROSSON is a facsimile edition of the Los Angeles poet's life-long project of some 117 journals, in which everything—drafts of poems, personal correspondence, photographs, flyers, concert programs, work estimates for house-painting and carpentry, bills & every imaginable fragment of his life—finds its way into the "daybooks." More than a writer's journal, they are material "proof" of a poet's existence, a careful record of his daily physical and intellectual life; and, as such, much more than his published titles, they constitute Robert Crosson's life's work.

SIGNS/& SIGNALS is first in a series of Otis Books/Seismicity Editions co-publications with the Archive for New Poetry, Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD.


Born in Canonsburg, PA, in 1929, Robert Crosson moved to California in 1944. Eventually settling in Los Angeles after graduating from UCLA, he spent most of his life working as a carpenter, house painter and actor. Crosson authored five volumes of poetry and several chapbooks. In 2008 Otis Books/SeismicityEditions published a facimile edition of a selection of his daybooks, SIGNS/ & SIGNALS: THE DAYBOOKS OF ROBERT CROSSON. He died in 2001.  

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