Drawing the Line, Susan Gardner

Drawing the Line

Susan Gardner

Publisher: Red Mountain Press
PubDate: 9/1/2011
ISBN: 9780979986550
Price: $24.95
Quantity Available: 24
Pages: 288
SKU #: E12A

Literary Nonfiction. Memoir. Women's Studies. DRAWING THE LINE is the story of personal adventure and redemption, tracing a life lived continually on the edge between chaos and harmony, tragedy and joy. Beyond her recounting of extraordinary places and events, Susan Gardner gives us a perceptive, generational voice. She recalls pivotal decades of societal change and touches on basic themes of human experience that are universal and timeless. Spanning six decades and various countries of East Asia, Europe and Mexico, it tells of a precocious child driven to excel and to escape a turbulent, combative home life. We experience the struggles and accomplishments of a uniquely gifted woman as she overcomes official strictures and domestic discord to become an accomplished artist. Ultimately, we see her break free of old patterns and constraints to live the joyous complexity of personal fulfillment and the promise of a new beginning.

Author City: SANTA FE, NM USA

Susan Gardner is a uniquely accomplished artist. Her ability to extract contextual meaning from the subtle undertones of her surroundings and associations is exceptional in every way. She works as a painter, photographer and poet. Her art is infused with a sense of lyrical spontaneity, of freshness in both form and content. She explores and illuminates the relationships between individuals, society, and nature. Her experiences living in Asia, Mexico, and Europe have added depth and dimension to her understanding and profoundly influenced her art-making. She was born in New York, has lived around the world, and now makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has lived, worked, and exhibited in several countries including France, Spain, and Mexico.

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