People Are Tiny in Paintings of China, Cynthia Arrieu-King

People Are Tiny in Paintings of China

Cynthia Arrieu-King

Publisher: Octopus Books
PubDate: 12/1/2010
ISBN: 9780980193855
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Pages: 88
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Poetry. "I can't remember when a book of poems has invited such an attentive reading as Cindy King's marvelous first volume, PEOPLE ARE TINY IN PAINTINGS OF CHINA. Each poem, a descent through shifting strata of syntax and history, requires a sustained renegotiation of one's balance in language and the world. As I read I had the feeling of launching myself from an opening line and falling past gorgeous and complex surfaces, an intricate landscape of experience, until landing on the solid earth of the final lines of these extraordinary poems. PEOPLE ARE TINY IN PAINTINGS OF CHINA is a work of uncommon talent."—Lynn Emanuel


Cynthia Arrieu-King is an assistant professor of creative writing at Stockton College. Her poems and other work will come out this year or will have come out in Boston Review, Witness, Jacket, Harp and Altar, Forklift, Ohio, and with Kristi Maxwell in the new horse less press anthology New Pony. She is the author of MANIFEST (Switchback Books, 2013) and PEOPLE ARE TINY IN PAINTINGS OF CHINA (Octopus Books, 2010).

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