Pad, Steven Zultanski


Steven Zultanski

Publisher: Make Now Press
PubDate: 6/15/2010
ISBN: 9780981596235
Price: $16.50
Quantity Available: 0
Pages: 165
SKU #: B09E

Poetry. PAD is a catalog of the author's attempt to lift each and every item in his apartment with his dick. Nothing is spared his strength—from the furniture to the walls, from the coins in the coin jar to the cards in the card decks. It is a parody of masculinity, a cheap joke, and a precise spatial mapping of an intimate space using the imprecise coordinates of a physical body. The poem serves as a voyeristic window into the private life of one man via his private property. The exhibitionism is twofold: upon reading this book you will know how strong his dick is (sort of) and exactly which commodities from the proceedings of his daily life, though the drama of those proceedings remains absent. The dick, in its new omnipresence, is de-eroticized. Nothing could be less sexy than a dick that doesn't go away, that is never hidden, and that turns up in every place you look, even the garbage can. On the other hand, the banal contents of his apartment are suddenly re-animated by their brief encounters.


He is the author of AGONY (BookThug, 2012), COP KISSER (BookThug, 2010) and PAD (Make Now Press, 2010). He co-curates the Segue Reading Series and occasionally curates and edits other things too. He lives in NYC.

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