Girl Scout Nation, Yedda Morrison

Girl Scout Nation

Yedda Morrison

Publisher: Displaced Press
PubDate: 11/30/2008
ISBN: 9780982212004
Price: $12.99
Quantity Available: 57
Pages: 100
SKU #: F01F

Poetry. "It is a rare book that makes us constantly ask how the author achieved such beauty, complexity, clarity. GIRL SCOUT NATION is one of those, its wide lines barreling across the landscape of the page, covering amazing swaths of time, myth, devastation, sensuality, in gorgeous pointed material utterances; or suddenly pulling the reader up in short musical stops, botanical lists, girl scout ditties, surveillance techniques. There is rage, here, the body where it meets the staggering earth, contained in the tiny catapulting figure of Scout, herself contained by the entire rage of the planet; and this rage is the more effective for being 'the deep glowing red inside the barrel,' for being nowhere and everywhere, for being a girl, 'just a girl there / daddy.' Both primal and urbane, GIRL SCOUT NATION is rich hard realism on its way to Disney upside down. After CROP Yedda Morrison has done it again: I love this book."—Gail Scott

Author City: San Francisco, CA USA

Writer and visual artist Yedda Morrison was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her books include DARKNESS (Make Now Press, 2012), GIRL SCOUT NATION (Displaced Press, 2008) and CROP (Kelsey Street Press, 2003). She has performed and exhibited her work widely and is currently represented by Republic Gallery in Vancouver, BC.  

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