The Irrationalist, Suzanne Buffam

The Irrationalist

Suzanne Buffam

Publisher: Canarium Books
PubDate: 4/1/2010
ISBN: 9780982237632
Price: $14.00
Quantity Available: 46
Pages: 104
SKU #: F02B

Poetry. In acclaimed poet Suzanne Buffam's second collection, her unusual range, formal rigor, and imaginative force are on full display as we are introduced to the wry meditations of a literary "irrationalist" who pursues her own poetic logic beyond the bounds of reason. Throughout the collection, in resolutely modern, rueful and eccentric lyrics, Buffam investigates the shifting grounds of knowledge while refusing to take any philosophical authority too seriously. Together, these poems compose a swift, durable, protean argument for the necessity of interior maps in a world that may be on the eve of extinction, but whose darkness is continually illuminated by a pyrotechnics of curiosity, candor, and wit.

Author City: CHICAGO, IL USA

Suzanne Buffam's first collection of poetry, Past Imperfect, won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for Poetry and was named a Book of the Year by the Globe and Mail. Her second collection of poetry, THE IRRATIONALIST, was a finalist for the Griffin Poetry Prize. Most recently, she is the author of A PILLOW BOOK (Canarium Books, 2016). Her work has appeared in international anthologies and publications, including Poetry, jubilat, Denver Quarterly, Colorado Review, Books in Canada, and Breathing Fire: Canada's New Poets; her poetry has been translated into French, German, Spanish, and Slovenian. She lives in Chicago. 

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“Buffam’s often deadpan tone is like a magical dustpan that sweeps up the strangest observations and ideas, all worlds to themselves. Her ‘Little Commentaries’—‘On Piñatas,’ ‘On Fountains,’ and ‘On Vanishing Acts’ (to name only a few)—are absolute gems, kin to Anne Carson’s town poems and Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit. Buffam’s poems tug at new corners of the brain. They’re marvelous.”
—Matthea Harvey

“Buffam begins with a world that ends, a world that is always ending. This is not despair, but a shrewd mind behind an honest eye that in wry observation creates out of small poems a book of knowledge, ‘Little Commentaries,’ which show there is no wisdom unsharpened by wounding wit. That motion is an essential motion, and these are essential poems.”
—Dan Beachy-Quick

“These poems try to achieve something almost impossible: not to betray the ironic today while celebrating the interiority of a serious meditation. And they succeed in doing it. What a treat!”
—Adam Zagajewski

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