The Story of My Accident Is Ours, Rachel Levitsky

The Story of My Accident Is Ours

Rachel Levitsky

Publisher: Futurepoem Books
PubDate: 4/2/2013
ISBN: 9780982279823
Binding: Paperback
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 36
Pages: 112
SKU #: D18A

Fiction. A product of over 15 years of writing, this multivalent new work both builds on and departs from Levitsky's previous efforts, as she traverses a host of contemporary theoretical discourses and concerns: transgendered bodies, social movements, pharmaceutical management of the emotions, and countless others. "The movement revolves around an accident, the exact nature of which is not disclosed. Despite the abstractions inherent in these constraints, I want the document to be accessible, engaging, addictive, and uncomfortable to hold, as in the instance of a suitcase with something vibrating inside." In this project, the formal poetics of expression confront fiction to create something utterly new.

"Emotional life and cognitive knowledge are not mutually exclusive nor even entirely separate spheres of experience. And neither unfolds except under sway of multiple contradictions, such that grief and determination can coincide, and uncertainty and understanding be simultaneous. In her magnificent THE STORY OF MY ACCIDENT IS OURS Rachel Levitsky undertakes a meditation on the status of knowledge under conditions over which we have almost no control but which exert intense emotional, as well as practical, pressure on our lives. The narrator of this saga is a preternaturally astute observer of the recurrent, but never habitual, ways of a world in which she strangely participates. Indeed, it is a world in which strange participation is the only viable means of survival. It is, then, a revolutionary's tale, and, like all such tales, one without end. May it rise forever."—Lyn Hejinian

"Rachel Levitsky's prose poems employ the elegant language of philosophical inquiry to probe a territory not unlike the domain of poetry. THE STORY OF MY ACCIDENT IS OURS is a thrilling voyage of discovery into "the vast and nearly completely unmanageable spaces between us."—John Ashbery

"Rachel Levitsky's THE STORY OF MY ACCIDENT IS OURS is an impossible comedy, a radical tragedy, a warning: beware "the glimmering smiles on television." Sometimes I wondered if I was on another planet, an alternate universe with its "privasphere" and its unsettling "The Large" (which is, of course, "always growing ever larger"). But this is absolutely our world: here's our "spectacle of consumption," here's "the mall, and then the mall." Levitsky's project and her prose exert a palpable urgency. She has something important to show us."—Danielle Dutton

"How tremulous and effervescent I felt while reading this book—and how it impacted! By writing around and around the social, political, and emotional issues that have upmost bearing in our lives, Rachel Levitsky gets to the marrow of the matter in every single sentence. It's a transforming experience. It's just downright trans, in every sense of the word. This is it, everyone: a real modern marvel."—Lonely Christopher

Author City: Brooklyn, NY USA

Rachel Levitsky is the author of three books: THE STORY OF MY ACCIDENT IS OURS (Futurepoem Books, 2012), NEIGHBOR (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009), and UNDER THE SUN (Futurepoem Books, 2003). She is the founder and co-director of Belladonna*, an event and publication series of feminist avant-garde poetics.  

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