Portrait of the Poet As an Engineer, Maged Zaher

Portrait of the Poet As an Engineer

Maged Zaher

Publisher: Pressed Wafer
PubDate: 10/15/2009
ISBN: 9780982410011
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Pages: 88
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Poetry. Middle Eastern Studies. "When I read Maged Zaher's poetry I am always intrigued by the questions he asks and amazed by the unexpected layers and turns. Practically every line leads elsewhere. Saints, sex, pop culture, dreams, romance, information technology, religion, corporate life—Dante Alighieri and Barry White in the same poem—Karl Marx, Paris Hilton, Chairman Mao, Arthur Rimbaud and other suspects are all components of the volatile constellation that comprises these sharp and often funny poems. As a relatively recent arrival in the USA, Maged Zaher analyzes a contemporary America kind-of-with-a-'k,' applying a bright intelligence and tempering his sometimes irreverent enquiry with some subtle philosophizing."—Pam Brown

"Maged Zaher is in my view the contemporary writer simultaneously the furthest inside and the most outside the English language as we know it. His texts are intensely casual and bathed in the language of Groupthink and Microsoft, yet deeply thought and rhythmically alluring, which is all the more impressive for the detritus they take on and challenge. Like his near contemporary Linh Dinh, Zaher can fashion either sentence or line to the point where sublimity and absurdity make a viable erotic couple. If Frank O'Hara had been an Arab and a Coptic Christian living in late capitalist Seattle, he would have been called Maged Zaher."—Leonard Schwartz

Author City: SEATTLE, WA USA

Maged Zaher is the author of IF REALITY DOESN'T WORK OUT (SplitLevel Texts, 2014), THANK YOU FOR THE WINDOW OFFICE (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012), THE REVOLUTION HAPPENED AND YOU DIDN'T CALL ME (Tinfish Press, 2012), and PORTRAIT OF THE POET AS AN ENGINEER (Pressed Wafer, 2009). His collaborative work with the Australian poet Pam Brown, FAROUT LIBRARY SOFTWARE, was published by Tinfish Press in 2007. His translations of contemporary Egyptian poetry have appeared in Jacket Magazine, Denver Quarterly and Banipal. He has performed his work at Subtext, Bumbershoot, the Kootenay School of Writing, St. Marks Project, Evergreen State College, and American University in Cairo, among other places. Maged is the recipient of the 2013 Genius Award in Literature from the Seattle weekly The Stranger.

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