Haecceities, Michael Cross


Michael Cross

Publisher: Cuneiform Press
PubDate: 9/1/2010
ISBN: 9780982792643
Binding: Paperback
Price: $16.95
Quantity Available: 49
Pages: 92
SKU #: C15C

Poetry. "In HAECCEITIES, Michael Cross has made an interim language, his invention a relation between the words—as if this unknown relation or 'noumenon' is 'a hide enthinned' of futuristic Elizabethan single words each at once tactile, optical, aural simultaneously traces and events of reinterpreted future-present spurred in 'the many hundred wing-lit hives'"—Leslie Scalapino.

Author City: OAKLAND, CA USA

Michael Cross's critically acclaimed debut, IN FELT TREELING: A LIBRETTO, was published by Chax Press in 2008. HAECCEITIES is his second collection of poetry. He is the editor of INVOLUNTARY VISION: AFTER AKIRA KUROSAWA'S DREAMS (Avenue B, 2003) and The George Oppen Memorial Lectures at San Francisco State University (forthcoming). Cross lives in Oakland.  

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