White, Christian, Christopher Stoddard

White, Christian

Christopher Stoddard

Publisher: Triton Books
PubDate: 11/16/2010
ISBN: 9780982807415
Price: $18.00
Quantity Available: 4
Pages: 208
SKU #: J04F

Fiction. LGBT Studies. Introduction by Bruce Benderson. The borderline lifestyle of twenty-year-old Christian White is a carnival of drugs and sex, accessorized by designer clothes and frequent stealing or scamming. Underneath the decadence are haunting memories of childhood abuse, the death of a brother and a father's criminal past. Expecting to make a fresh start, Christian relocates from San Francisco to New York, just as his friends are being rounded up by the police; but life only spirals farther out of control in the new setting. Instead of drugs, Christian's existence is beginning to center around sex. He has let himself slip into prostitution, and he may have even played a part in the murder of a successful architect, although he can't remember the evening entirely. It has become increasingly clear to Christian that the only way to save himself is to come to terms with the past, no matter how painful—or how dangerous—the trip.

Author City: NEW YORK, NY USA

Christopher Stoddard is the Brooklyn-based author of WHITE, CHRISTIAN (Spuyten Duyvil, 2010), chosen by the American Library Association for their 2012 list of commendable literature. His writing has also been published by Lambda Literary and Go Deeper Press. LIMITERS (Itna Press, 2014) is his second novel. 

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