All the Garbage of the World, Unite!, Kim Hyesoon

All the Garbage of the World, Unite!

Kim Hyesoon

Publisher: Action Books
PubDate: 11/15/2011
ISBN: 9780983148012
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 36
Pages: 156
SKU #: K10B

Poetry. East Asia Studies. Translated from the Korean by Don Mee Choi. The celebrated Korean poet Kim Hyesoon writes from a radiant black zone where matter becomes dark matter, human becomes trinket, garbage becomes god, a zero-point for our present moment's grotesque and spectacular inversions. This volume includes a selection of recent work, the landmark poem "Manhole Humanity," and the essay "In the Oxymoronic World." With fiercely incisive translations and a preface by Don Mee Choi. "As garbage, love and death accumulate in her poems, your world will be changed for real!"—Aase Berg

Author City: SEOUL KOR

Kim Hyesoon is a prominent South Korean poet who has received numerous prestigious literary awards. She teaches creative writing at Seoul Institute of the Arts. Her work translated into English includes four titles from Action Books, POOR LOVE MACHINE (2016), SORROWTOOTHPASTE MIRRORCREAM (2014), ALL THE GARBAGE OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (2011) and MOMMY MUST BE A FOUNTAIN OF FEATHERS (2008), the chapbook WHEN THE PLUG GETS UNPLUGGED (Tinfish Press, 2005), and poems in the anthology ANXIETY OF WORDS: CONTEMPORARY POETRY BY KOREAN WOMEN (Zephyr Press, 2006).  

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