If I Falter at the Gallows, Edward Mullany

If I Falter at the Gallows

Edward Mullany

Publisher: Publishing Genius Press
PubDate: 10/25/2011
ISBN: 9780983170655
Price: $13.95
Quantity Available: 13
Pages: 84
SKU #: L08B

Poetry. "The poems of Edward Mullany are both seeing things and 'seeing things.' They are devices that help us help ourselves to all the mirages and illusions—and then some—that we know to be true."—Graham Foust


Edward Mullany is the co-editor of Matchbook and lives in Brooklyn where he is a contributor to Big Other. He is the author of the trilogy comprising IF I FALTER AT THE GALLOWS (2011), FIGURES FOR AN APOCALYPSE (2013), and THE THREE SUNRISES (2015), published by Publishing Genius Press. His comic, Rachel & Ben, is serialized at Real Pants. 

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“If one of art’s purposes is to revise our perceptions, then Mullany’s work excels. His powerful use of the short line well supports this challenge. Whether they begin with the surreal or mundane, his lyrics pare to essentials poetry’s central subjects—love, death, myth—through his confident vision and craft.”
—Martha Serpas

“As do the little bottles of scotch available on airplanes, these small, potent poems suspend us above the everyday. These deft gestures expose human quandaries without getting stuck in quandariness. They eschew excess—they don’t need it. They’re precise throughout without losing their mystery.”
—Connie Voisine

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