Before Our Eyes: Inside the Changing World of Book Publishing, Robert Colley, Editor

Before Our Eyes: Inside the Changing World of Book Publishing

Robert Colley, Editor

Publisher: Snowdrift Press
PubDate: 4/15/2012
ISBN: 9780983617204
Price: $14.00
Quantity Available: 9
Pages: 100
SKU #: G03G

Literary Nonfiction. Publishing. Based on interviews with a wide range of people whose daily work involves the creation, promotion and distribution of books, a group of Syracuse University students, the Soling Collective, offers in these pages a collection of provocative essays on the evolution of a highly volatile enterprise—equal parts commerical and creative—the American book publishing industry.

"The inquisitive minds responsible for BEFORE OUR EYES do justice to our most essential medium—here is both a study and a celebration of the book."—Michael Signorelli, Editor, HarperCollins


Editor Robert Colley is associate dean at University College of Syracuse University, editor of Syracuse University literary journal Stone Canoe, and adjunct faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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