the last will be stone, too, Deborah Poe

the last will be stone, too

Deborah Poe

Publisher: Stockport Flats
PubDate: 2/1/2013
ISBN: 9780984028566
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Pages: 78
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Poetry. Deborah Poe initiates THE LAST WILL BE STONE, TOO with a cento—a Paul Celan death mix—to "let the grey animal in" and proceeds to sonorously enmesh art and death throughout this dazzling collection. Using art as diverse as Molissa Fenley's choreography and a fourteenth-century wall painting in China's Shanxi Province, Poe opens the page to people, place, animal, and ghost to "enact.a vision of human consciousness contemplating its own end" (Suzanne Paola). As in her collection ELEMENTS, Poe's poems push beyond the materiality that triggers them, connecting art with histories, philosophies, and the crises of our time. This series of poems invites readers to "walk into unknown center | to witness what silence can do." Yet by the collection's end, in pulling at the connective threads at the heart of the unknown, it is life that comes spilling out in transformative flight.

"What is the sound, after the sound of the scream? What details constellate within the heaps that the disaster makes? How might we read or sing them? Deborah Poe writes: 'to walk into unknown center / to witness what silence can do.' Here is a book that embodies these gestures and, with compassion, invites us to participate. In communion with the invisible, reading something where there is (seemingly) nothing, as Poe reminds, a higher pattern forms. THE LAST WILL BE STONE, TOO is a book able to re-attune the senses to the glory and difficulty of the world."—Selah Saterstrom

Author City: CARMEL, NY USA

Deborah Poe is the author of the poetry collections THE LAST WILL BE STONE, TOO (Stockport Flats, 2013), ELEMENTS (Stockport Flats, 2010), and Our Parenthetical Ontology (CustomWords, 2008) , as well as a novella in verse, HÉLÈNE (Furniture Press Books, 2012). In addition, Deborah is co-editor of Between Worlds: An Anthology of Fiction and Criticism (Peter Lang Publishers, 2012). She is also co-editing a collection of Hudson Valley innovative poetry, In/Filtration: An Anthology of Innovative Hudson Valley Poetics (Station Hill Press of Barrytown, 2013). Deborah's poetry is forthcoming or has appeared in journals such as Handsome, 1913, Shampoo, DENVER QUARTERLY, The Dictionary Project, Yew Journal, PEEP/SHOW, Bone Bouquet, Peaches & Bats, Mantis, Horse Less Review, Colorado Review, Ploughshares, and Filter Literary Journal. Her fiction has appeared in Conversations Across Borders, Fact-Simile Magazine, Night Train, SIDEBROW, A Picture's Worth, Vibrant Gray, and Midway Journal. Deborah's poetry and fiction have also appeared in the anthologies A SING ECONOMY (Flim Forum Press, 2008) and Fingernails Across the Chalkboard: Poetry and Prose on HIV/AIDS From the Black Diaspora (Third World Press, 2007). Deborah Poe is assistant professor of English at Pace University, founder and curator of the annual Handmade/Homemade Exhibit, and guest curator for Trickhouse. She has also taught as afternoon faculty at the Port Townsend Writer's Workshop in Washington and Casa Libre en La Solana in Tucson.

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