When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother, Melissa Broder

When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother

Melissa Broder

Publisher: Ampersand Books
PubDate: 2/7/2010
ISBN: 9780984102549
Price: $13.95
Quantity Available: 9
Pages: 96

Poetry. Who's the queen of kundalini bloopers, Emily Dickinson's attitude problem (that bitch) and California dreams? It's Melissa Broder, who will charm your pants off and show you a little tough love in this vivid, witty first collection of poems. Each poem is artisan-crafted in controlled couplets, weighty triplets, tight syllabics and assonance that will take the top of your head off. But you won't have the time to absorb the academic monkeyshine—so absorbed you'll be on the flip side of Bat Mitzvah stress-syndrome, Aunt Sheila's in Taos, vampires in absentia, and brand names, brand names, brand names. From junkie fetishism to a housewife with a special "thing" for laundry, Broder does dark with magnetic charisma and enchanting humor.


Melissa Broder is the author of SCARECRONE (Publishing Genius Press, 2014), MEAT HEART (Publishing Genius Press, 2012) and WHEN YOU SAY ONE THING BUT MEAN YOUR MOTHER (Ampersand Books, 2010). She lives in the United States.

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