Almost Dorothy, Neil de la Flor

Almost Dorothy

Neil de la Flor

Publisher: Marsh Hawk Press
PubDate: 3/1/2010
ISBN: 9780984117734
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 54
Pages: 72
SKU #: I13C

Poetry. Winner of the 2009 Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize. Praise from Forrest Gander, Contest Judge: "With a scenery-chewing imagination, deft linguistic cuts, slippery line breaks and disjointed or dehiscent narrative elements, Neil de la Flor abandons genre rules to explore gender roles, religion, domestic relations, science and history. The poems of ALMOST DOROTHY take place in spectacular leaps away from conventional patterns of development. They suggest a kind of super symmetry that links saints, elementary particles, two boys dressed for Halloween as Dorothy, and a butch Brazilian barman. Revisionary and anachronistic in its referencing and formally restless with its lyrics, lists, prose poems, definitions, and dramatic dialogues, ALMOST DOROTHY is the red-headed stepchild of Antony (without the Johnsons) and Jean Cocteau. Infusing poetry with theater, Neil de la Flor is at once bitingly original, funny, and uncompromising."

Author City: MIAMI, FL USA

Neil de la Flor is the author of AN ELEPHANT'S MEMORY OF BLIZZARDS (Marsh Hawk Pres, 2013), Two Thieves and a Liar (Jackleg Press, 2012), ALMOST DOROTHY (Marsh Hawk Press, 2010) and co-author, with Maureen Seaton, of SINÉAD O'CONNOR AND HER COAT OF A THOUSAND BLUEBIRDS (Firewheel Editions, 2011) and Facial Geometry, (NeoPepper Press, 2006), a chapbook of triads written with collaborator poets Maureen Seaton and Kristine Snodgrass. He is the co-recipient of a 2012 Knight Arts Challenge Grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to found "Reading Queer," a new annual literary event to promote Miami as a center for LGBTIQ literature. He teaches at Miami Dade College and lives in Miami, Florida.  

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Renee Emerson @ NewPages

"The title of Neil de la Flor’s debut collection comes from a story that takes place on a certain Halloween in a certain year of a certain speaker’s childhood. Therefore, this engaging little treat is both a trick and a book. It’s a treat for hybridists, cross (genre) dressers, and tin(ted) men alike. It’s tricky in the way we (scarecrows and homos) are suddenly reading a trick play within a trick poem within a kind-of, yes, trick story about lions and bears and Greeks and Toto and Joey—and about a lot of other characters who prance around like tricksters but are nevertheless bound between the covers of this extraordinary book by Neil de la Flor, the wizard, the wise-ass, the boy in the 'too sizes too big green pumps,' also known as ALMOST DOROTHY."
—Maureen Seaton

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