Tlemcen or Places of Writing, Mohammed Dib

Tlemcen or Places of Writing

Mohammed Dib

Publisher: Otis Books | Seismicity Editions
PubDate: 4/3/2012
ISBN: 9780984528974
Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: 33
Pages: 120
SKU #: A10A

Literary Nonfiction. Memoir. Translated from the French by Guy Bennett. TLEMCEN OR PLACES OF WRITING is an unusual, hybrid work: part memoir of the author's coming of age and coming to writing in his native Algeria, and part meditation on the nature of writing itself as well as on the task and responsibility of the writer. The text is complimented by some fifty photographs taken by the author in the Tlemcen of his youth, images of a past that has vanished and which the text seeks to reveal. The original French edition of this work was awarded the Grand prix de la Francophonie de l'Académie française on its publication in 1994.

Author City: Tlemcen ALG

Born in Tlemcen, Algeria, in 1920, Mohammed Dib is the author of more than 30 works, including numerous novels, volumes of poetry, story collections, essays and memoirs. He worked as a teacher, an accountant and an interpreter during WWII, and after the war as a journalist for Alger Républicain and Liberté. Expelled from Algeria by the colonial authorities in 1959, he moved to France, eventually settling in La Celle-Saint-Cloud. He lectured at the Sorbonne and at the University of California at Los Angeles. Dib was awarded several prizes, including the Grand prix de la Francophonie de l'Académie française, the Grand prix du Roman de la Ville de Paris, and the Prix Mallarmé. Dib died in 2003.  

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