Democracy Is Not for the People, Josef Kaplan

Democracy Is Not for the People

Josef Kaplan

Publisher: Truck Books
PubDate: 5/10/2012
ISBN: 9780984885749
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 2
Pages: 103
SKU #: D02D

Poetry. In DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, Josef Kaplan takes up extreme forms of political speech and other "heterogeneous" discourses of the present to address the culture of advanced capitalism in the voice of its own transcendent violence. Assassination threats, the farewell letters of political suicides by self-immolation, pulp science fiction, journalistic accounts of Palestinian bombings, origami instructions, bland reports on the controversies surrounding autonomous robotic weapons systems—in DINFTP, these and other unassimilable elements become the sources for a series of errant, self-winding mashups that can neither be rejected outright, because of their powerfully sculpted quality, nor fully absorbed as artistic work.


Josef Kaplan is the author of KILL LIST (Cars Are Real, 2013) and DEMOCRACY IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE (Truck Books, 2012). His work has appeared in the Poetic Labor Project, Lana Turner, and Troll Thread.

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