Go to the Pine: Quoddy Journals 2005-2010, Mark Pawlak

Go to the Pine: Quoddy Journals 2005-2010

Mark Pawlak

Publisher: Bootstrap Press
PubDate: 11/15/2012
ISBN: 9780988610804
Binding: Paperback
Price: $15.00
Quantity Available: 41
Pages: 49
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Poetry. In GO TO THE PINE, Mark Pawlak furthers his exploration of the journal form that he had begun in a previous collection, approaching the traditional haibun with a postmodern sensibility, one that is filtered through the aesthetics of post-Beat, New York School, and Objectivist poetries. He treats the form imaginatively—some might say, irreverently—much the way that Ted Berrigan treated the sonnet. The essence of haibun is what he is after, and that, simply stated, is terse prose and prose narrative combined with keen observation of nature (including people) recorded as minimalist poems or poetic epiphanies.

Author City: Cambridge, MA USA

RECONNAISSANCE (Hanging Loose Press, 2016) is Pawlak's ninth collection of poetry. He has also edited six anthologies and has been a co-editor of Hanging Loose Press since 1980. Pawlak has a degree in physics from M.I.T. and is Director of Academic Support Programs at UMass-Boston.