You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake, Anna Moschovakis

You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake

Anna Moschovakis

Publisher: Coffee House Press
PubDate: 2/1/2011
ISBN: 9781566892506
Price: $16.00
Quantity Available: 1
Pages: 132
SKU #: E15A

Poetry. Winner of the 201 James Laughlin Award. In a world where we find "everything helping itself / to everything else," Anna Moschovakis incorporates Craigslist ads, technobabble, twentieth-century ethics texts, scientific research, autobiographical detail, and historical anecdote to present an engaging lyric analysis of the way we live now. "It's your life," she tells the reader, "and we have come to celebrate it."

"[Moschovakis's] poems illuminate, amuse, and provoke. Plato would have loved them."—Ann Lauterbach

Author City: New York, NY USA

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